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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Yuan Cao, currently a postdoc researcher and Junior Fellow at Harvard. I graduated from MIT in 2020 as PhD and joined Harvard in 2021. My current research is condensed-matter physics in 2-dimensional materials. I specialize on the study of 'twistronics' —— electronics in materials with a 'twist'.

My interests and specialties are quite diverse, spanning from physics, electronic engineering, nanotechnology, and computer science. I am also hobbyist in electronic hacking, astrophotography, and violin.

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My projects


Moire twistronics

"Twistronics" in 2D materials

Twisted 2D materials exhibits a long-range moire pattern that hosts a number of intriguing properties, among them superconductivity and quantum anomalous Hall effect. I study the physics in these systems through quantum electronic transport experiments.


Microstructures for manipulation

I am interested in micromechanical engineering in 2D materials, to explore further degree of freedoms and to reveal unprecedented phenomena in them.

My Background


Thesis: Study Of Electronic Correlation And Superconductivity In Twisted Graphene Superlattices

Date: September 2020

Thesis: Electronic Transport in Low-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Date: September 2016

Special Class for Gifted Young

Thesis: Numerical Computation of Plasmons in Graphene Superlattice

Date: June 2014

What I think is important

Creative Ideas

Knowing what problem to pursue and what direction to proceed

Problem Solving

Nothing can stop the motion

Scholarly Presentation

Broadcasting the science efficiently to peers and public

What have I achieved so far?
Invited Talks
My astro album

Astrophotography Gallery

My hobby projects

Recent Blog

IR Spectrometer
Sep 18, 2020 | DIY Optics

A DIY infrared spectrometer

I made this near-IR spectrometer that would otherwise cost >$10,000 commercially. Click in to learn how I did it!

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